Report on the installation of Debian\SID Gnu/Linux on the ECS A530 laptop

Does not YET work :

Works : eveything else even the wifi;)

A few infos ... cpuinfo, lspci, dmesg, usb.

A few pics from inside the laptop (arround the wifi module)

And a few others after replacing the orginal antena by an external one : Finaly I replaced the big BNC connector by a "N" connector, smaller :

The laptop died some times ago after running non-stop for 3 weeks : did no more boot. The RAM was dead and probably the CPU as well. Electric shock ? who knows.

More info on the ECS laptops under linux can be found on Tuxmobil and informations on laptop modding can be found on Repair4Laptop.

Any comment or information can be sent to kieffer at Last Update : 20/01/2006.

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